Pain and Arthritis Creams 100ml

Pain and Arthritis Creams 100ml

Pain and Arthritis Creams 100ml

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The ingredients are known to be very effective in treating joint pain, stiff muscles, arthritis, and inflammation.
Research on some ingredients shows that the properties may break down calcium deposits and in many cases often instant relief of gout.
Experience and feedback from clients show that the pain works immediately in most cases. It is however important to remember that any disorder requires a change in lifestyle and diet.

Pain is usually caused by inflammation, and especially arthritis can be treated with great success by eliminating ALL dairy, sugar & gluten, and changing to an eating plan consisting of at least 50% vegetables per meal, 25% protein, and 25% carbohydrates like potato and sweet potato.


Boswellia (Frankincense): Blocks Leukotrienes that attack joints

Clove: Pain. Contains Eugenol (for toothache). Magnesium. Analgesic. Anti-bacterial. Warming. The essential oil, clove oil, is a toothache remedy that is actually an ingredient in some sedative dental filling materials. It is a natural home remedy that has a numbing effect and can provide instant relief. Clove oil

Comfrey: Calcium: Bruises. Arthritis. Osteoarthritis. Cuts. Wounds. Anti-cancer. Antioxidant. Forms new skin, and ‘knits’ bones. Comfrey was once commonly called ‘Knitbone’ because of its amazing ability to heal broken bones and “knit” them back together again. The botanical name, Symphytum, means “to unite.” Traditionally, comfrey was used to create a plaster to set and cure broken bones.

Devil’s Claw: Joint inflammation. Stiff muscles. Osteoarthritis. Backache. Pain.

Hydrangea Root: Breaks down calcium deposits. US researchers found that a drug made from the root of the hydrangea plant, which has for centuries been used in Chinese medicine, showed promising results in treating autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, eczema, and psoriasis.
Research shows that a drug containing hydrangea root blocked the formation of a type of white blood cell (TH17) involved in autoimmune disease. The small-molecule drug eased symptoms in the mice and did not seem to affect other types of cells vital to the body’s defenses, which means it may not otherwise inhibit the beneficial parts of the immune system. Mice with multiple sclerosis-like diseases were far less severely affected when given low doses of the drug. We include Hydrangea Root in some formulations, in order to prevent TH17 cell activation, and avoid the major inflammatory response caused by an autoimmune response in various diseases, e.g. Arthritis and a ‘cytokine storm’, as well as a ‘thyroid storm’ which may happen in hyperthyroidism or other current viral infection problems. TH17 plays a major role in multiple sclerosis. This is research for the internal use of Hydrangea root. In all cases, a proper eating plan is advised

Walnut leaves: Swelling & Bones

White Willow Bark: Inflammation. Pain. Joint pain.


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