Menopause and PMS Creams 100ml

Menopause and PMS Creams 100ml

Menopause and PMS Creams 100ml

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The ingredients and herbs in this cream are known to contain properties that are effective in reducing the unpleasant symptoms of menopause and PMS, such as cramps, mood swings, sweating, and hot flushes.

It is recommended that the person using this cream follows a diet free of sugar, dairy, and gluten, and a strict healthy eating plan consisting of three regular meals daily.

A healthy eating plan in conjunction with our HGH & Pituitary capsule will assist in correcting the function of the Pituitary Gland, which regulates the entire endocrine system. Once the pituitary and pineal glands function properly, proper sleeping patterns will return, and the hormonal system balanced.

In Iridology, we can clearly see the Serotonin levels in the Iris, and after treating the Pituitary gland and changes in lifestyle and diet, a noticeable change is visible when taking a good quality picture of the eye. In enhancing the working of the pituitary gland, a change in mood is created. The “happy hormone”, serotonin and dopamine are excreted, and the person’s spirit feels lifted.

Major changes are experienced by balancing the endocrine system, as it is the ‘conductor’ of the glands like the Thyroid, Adrenals, Pineal, Pituitary, and others.


Research shows that the herbs and other ingredients used in this cream have properties that are rich in natural estrogen and progesterone, and may assist in normalizing the female production system and hormonal function.

Other studies show that the herbs are used with great success in reducing vaginal irritation, irritability, sweating, tension headaches, and reducing anxiety and depression. It acts by balancing the hormones, easing the change, and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

CHASTE TREE (Agnus Castus): Regulates the activity of female sex hormones. Progesterone is equivalent to testosterone. Bleeding. PMS. Estrogen progesterone & testosterone: A woman’s body makes different hormones throughout her life. The three major sex hormones made by the ovaries are the so-called “female” sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, and the so-called “male” sex hormone testosterone.

DONG QUAI (Angelica): Female tonic. PMS. Fatigue. Menstrual cramps. Hot flushes. Vaginal dryness. Irritation.

GINSENG: Irritability. Eases the change of menopause. Raise hormone levels. Progesterone.

KELP: Nourishing tonic. Prevents osteoporosis. Thyroid function. Relieves menopause symptoms. Rich in calcium.

MOTHERWORT: Difficult & painful menstruation. Hot flushes. Disturbed sleep. Delayed menstruation. Heart palpitations. Anxiety attacks & withdrawal symptoms. Eases the change in menopause. Mature woman’s formula herb.

RED CLOVER: Eases the change. Hot flushes

RASPBERRY: Balancing effect on estrogen levels. Hot flushes. Relaxes smooth muscles of uterus and intestines. Bleeding. Rich in minerals, nutrients, iron, and manganese.

WILD YAM: Natural balancing effect on estrogen/progesterone levels. Menopause symptoms. Vaginal dryness. Eases the change. Mature women’s formula herb. Menstrual issues



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