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I have been struggling with eczema since I was 18 years old. I never knew the reason for it until my friend asked me to go pray about it and I discovered why I got it. She introduced me to Hadassah Healing Oils. Before I started using the oils, the Lord gave me a promise that He will heal both my heart and skin. He gave me 2 Kings 5 to read which speaks of Namaan getting healed of Leprosy (another term for various skin diseases) I stored this promise deep in my heart and looked after it. I bought the Irritable Skin (Eczema) Support and applied it directly onto my face, and I burned badly (not recommended for the face).

I then decided to make a cream from raw shea butter and the same blend. It took about 2 weeks for the oil to start working. My skin started to look better but not what I hoped it would look like. I then went to one of Lechi’s seminars and discovered that one’s gut health affects your skin. I then got all the different herbs and oils needed to heal my gut. My skin is looking so much better than it did. I have been using the oils for over 2 months now. I am not completely healed yet but I hold onto the Father’s promise, for He is faithful. Healing is a journey that Jehovah Rapha wants to walk with us. The road is narrow and a bit bumpy but so worth it!



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