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Corns and Calluses Eelte en Liddorings


Corns and calluses develop from repeated friction, rubbing or irritation, and pressure on the skin. The most common cause is shoes that don’t fit properly.

Corns are small lumps of hard skin.

Calluses are larger patches of rough, thick skin.

Corns and calluses can also be tender or painful.

A callus presents as a broad-based diffuse area of hard growth with relatively even thickness, usually at the ball of the foot. It lacks a distinct border. The affected skin is rough and discolored, varying in color from white to gray-yellow or brown.

Calluses are more common in women than in men.


Common symptoms include:

  • Hardened areas of skin where there is repeated friction or pressure on the skin (corns and calluses).
  • Small, round, raised bump of hardened skin surrounded by irritated skin (more likely to be a corn).
  • Thick, hardened, larger typically more flatten patch of skin (more likely to be callus).
  • Less sensitivity to touch than the surrounding skin (more likely to be callus).
  • Raised area of bump may be painful or cause discomfort (more likely to be corn).
  • Pain, redness, blisters.



Apply Cell Rejuvenation 10ml 30ml and Myrrh 5ml 10ml 10ml roll-on onto the corn or callus.

If the corn or callus is open, apply Frankincense and Myrrh 10ml roll-on 30ml 100ml, instead.

Precautions & Side Effects:

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