Stress 120 Capsules

Stress 120 Capsules

Stress 120 Capsules

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Herbal tonic assists the body to build up its own ability to combat stress, anxiety, restlessness, muscle aches, irritability, and insomnia.

Research on some ingredients:
*Ashwagandha: Adaptogen. Helps the body to resist stress. Insomnia. Libido. Anxiety.
*Basil: Anxiety. Depression. Despair. Muscle spasms. Anger. Nervous debility.
*Catnip: Anxiety. Nerves restorative tonic. Tones nervous system. Stress.
*Chamomile: Restlessness. Anxiety. Muscle aches. Nervous tension. Sedative. Aging. Irritability.
*Feverfew: Headache
*GABA: A natural form of valium
*Ginseng: Despair. Not a sedative. Improves resistance to the stress response. Reduces normal cortisol elevation & immune due to stress. Vaso relaxation. Lowers blood pressure. Runners’ fatigue
*Gymnema Sylvestre: Sugar cravings. Blocks sugar receptors in taste buds.
*Lavender: Irritability. Anxiety. Relaxes. Calms. Sleep problems. Balances hormones. Immune system. Anger. PMS
*MSM: Stress. Fatigue
*Oat Straw: Sedative. Seizures
*Passion Flower: Anxiety. Sedative. Insomnia. Depression. Nervousness. Irritability
*Psyllium: Despair
*Rhodiola: Adaptogen. Fatigue. Exhaustion. Anxiety. Burnout. Depression. Brain function. Exercise performance. Diabetes. Decreases stress. Increases body’s resistance to stress
*Rosemary: Thinking clearly. Stress & tension. Pain. Relaxes muscles. Causes better blood flow to brain and eyes
*Skullcap: Anxiety. Nervine. Neurotrophic restorative (damaged nerves). Stress. Sedative. Anti-spasmodic. Helps skeletal muscles to relax. Stage fright
*Valerian root: Anxiety. Sedative. Anti-spasmodic
*Vervain: Stress. Nervous diarrhea. Sugar cravings. Muscle relaxant. Neck pain
*Wood Betony: Headache. Nervousness. Anxiety. Hysteria. ‘Stuck-in-the-head’ syndrome


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