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Pain relief from herniated disc


Testimony regarding pain relief. (Trauma oil and Pain oil)

I have a L5 and S1 herniated disc. I’ve been using a combination of the Trauma and Pain oil together. I have had this condition from January 2024, where the pain level was unbearable, I simply applied these oils onto the site of the herniated disc, and then the leg area that had severe tension due the pinched nerve in the leg. The relief was instantly felt, and the pain was reduced.

Six months later, I still have minor pain and I apply the oils on my leg at night to enable me to sleep pain-free. I highly recommend these two oils for pain relief.

My husband has arthritis in his fingers and he also uses the oils for instant relief.

Two extra advantages regarding the oils, are that you can apply them multiple times for relief and it has an appealing scent!!

Tammy Whitfield.



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Tammy Whitfield

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Pain 100ml Blend
R650.00 Incl. VAT
Trauma Topical Oil 30ml Blend
R450.00 Incl. VAT
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