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Water Retention Edema

Water Retention Edema


Water Retention Edema


Water retention, also known as fluid retention or edema, occurs when excess fluids build up in your body. Water retention occurs in the circulatory system or within tissues and cavities. It may cause swelling in your hands, feet, ankles, and legs. There are several potential causes, including hormone changes.


Symptoms of water retention

  • bloating, especially in the abdominal area
  • swollen legs, feet, and ankles
  • puffiness of the abdomen, face, and hips
  • stiff joints
  • weight fluctuations



Drink 1 capsule, once a day or as needed of the Water Retention blend.

Topically apply 5 drops, Adrenal Blend over the kidneys and the lower spine.

Fennel 5ml 10ml and Juniper Berry 5ml 10ml can further aid with water retention.

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