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Immune Compromised 13-18 years of age

Immune Compromised 13-18 years of age


Immune Compromised 13-18 years of age


A compromised immune is a way to describe a weak immune system. When your immune system is weakened, your body can’t fight off viruses, bacteria, or fungi very well. This can lead to serious infections and can pose a major health risk.


Symptoms of a Compromised Immune System

  • frequent infections or illnesses often
  • infections that keep coming back
  • infections that don’t respond to medications
  • severe sickness from a common virus
  • sinus and lung infections
  • fever
  • chills
  • weight loss



  Immune Compromised 13-18 years of age
Diffuse Diffuse (see below), 3-5 drops of Thieves in the room while sleeping and during the day when possible.

In addition:

And/or 1 or more of the following as needed:

2-3 drops of the following as needed Breath Support, Covid Steam 5ml 10ml, or Sinus Blend 5ml 10ml

MZN Drink 1 teaspoon, of MZN 150g 450g, once a day; swallow the MZN, as you would swallow yogurt, with water afterward.
Immune Topically apply 3-5 drops of the Immune Support Blend underneath the feet and 3-5 drops over the chest.
Other Drink 1 capsule of Natural Antibiotic, when needed
Healing Herbs For those old of enough to swallow capsules, the following daily; 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening:

Viral Plus C, and or
Vitamin C, and or Immune Capsules.

Important to note If applying more than one oil blend to the same area, do so over the course of the day or wait 10 minutes in between.


Diffuse 2-3 drops of each oil; maximum 10-12 drops at a time, unless otherwise advised.
NOTE: Always use an ultrasonic diffuser infinity, rose, or vase (with a diffusing duration of at least 8 hours), to diffuse pure essential oils. Do not use a humidifier, air purifier, or a candle, as they only smell good and have no further effect.

An electric, ultrasonic, diffuser dispenses essential oils into the air through vibrations of a plate which causes ultrasonic waves, creating microscopic particles of oils that disperse into the air. It, therefore, breaks open the essential oil volatile molecules, to have a medicinal effect in that it can penetrate through the blood-brain barrier. Using a diffuser at night while you are sleeping is always good.

Precautions & Side Effects:

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