Immune 120 Capsules

Immune 120 Capsules

Immune 120 Capsules

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The herbs used in this formula are known to have properties to assist the body to build up the body’s immune responses, and also help the immune system with support against viruses, flu, HIV, and other infections.

It is of utmost importance to change diet and lifestyle in order to create an environment in the body that makes it impossible for viruses and bacteria to multiply. Sugar feeds bacteria, while if used in combination with gluten and dairy, may result in a huge auto-immune response, activating TH17 helper cells to start a huge inflammatory response.

We, therefore, recommend a diet free of sugar, dairy, and gluten, while correcting the Ph balance to be more alkaline in order to prevent candida and bacterial growth, while at the same time strengthening the mucus linings in the digestive system. Ensure that the liver and gallbladder function properly and the body is slowly detoxed.

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Recent studies show that some of the herbs used in this formulation are known to contain powerful immune-stimulating properties that can heighten the activity of spleen cells, thereby stimulating the body to produce its own interferon to fight cancer and aids.

Research shows that some properties act as a tonic food, rich in compounds that may disarm viruses to prevent them from invading the body and healthy cells.

Chinese research shows that countries have used some of the herbs successfully in treating SARS and other viruses, while wormwood (Artemisia Afra and Artemisia Annua) is currently used worldwide in building up the immune system to fight against Covid.

Below are some herbs listed and research results listed in short.


AFRICAN POTATO: Immune. PMS. Endometriosis. Purgative. Parasites

ASTRAGALUS: Tonic food. A powerful immune stimulant that increases the Number of “stem cells” in the marrow & lymph tissue and stimulates their development into active immune cells Which are released into the body. Can trigger immune cells from the ‘resting’ state into heightened activity without suppressive effects. Heightens the activity of spleen cells. Stimulates production of interferon. Cancer. Aids.

ELDERBERRY: Rich in compounds that disarm viruses and prevent the cells from taking over healthy cells. Respiratory viral infection.

GARLIC: Immune. Infections. Pneumonia. Bronchitis. TB

GOTU-KOLA: Dampens TH1 & TH2 cells & Supports TH3 helper cells.

LEMON BALM: HSV1 & HSV2 – prevents attachment to cells to both drug-sensitive & drug-resistant strains. Prevents replication. Kills Herpes simplex, Flu, Hepatitis A, C, B. Reduces activity of white blood cells & inflammation cytokines in liver

MORINGA: Immune. Safe to use with ARVs. High in Iron. Has over 90 nutrients. Contains all the essential amino acids that our body does not produce. More vitamins than any other plan on earth can provide. Antioxidants, Vit A, E for the skin.

WORMWOOD: Malaria, shingles, herpes. Very popular for immune system & Corona research. Extensively used in African Traditional Healing for viruses and respiratory problems.



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