Parasite-Fix 120 Capsules

Parasite-Fix 120 Capsules

Parasite-Fix 120 Capsules

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The many ingredients in this formula contain properties that are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, parasite-cleaning, and are known to be effective against Bilharzia, Blood Fluke, Candida, Flatworm, Fluke, Hookworm, Liver Fluke, Malaria, Pinworm, Ringworm, Rope worm, Roundworm, Tapeworm, Threadworm, Whipworm and other parasites, worms, and fungus.
Research shows that some of the properties may kill, paralyze and eliminate parasites, while at the same time healing tissue damage in the bowels.

It is of utmost importance to treat the digestive system and liver as well, in order to assist the body to change naturally to provide an environment where parasites and worms cannot survive. Sugar feeds bacteria, and it is a known fact that if there is an overgrowth of bacteria, they will consume all the sugar and carbohydrates to the extent where there is not enough glucose to support the liver in producing an enzyme that tells the brain that the person does not need more sugar.

We thus have a constant craving for sugar, until sugar is eliminated from the diet, an alkaline diet is followed, and together with the elimination of gluten and dairy, we can starve the bacteria, parasites, and worms. Once we stop consuming sugar, we stop feeding the harmful bacteria; the liver can basically tell the brain that we have had enough sugar, and the sugar cravings stop!


Label Info:

Herbal supplements rejuvenate and nourish the pancreas, stop sugar cravings & lower blood sugar levels.
This supplement assists the body to naturally help with insulin production, and pancreas secretion, while stimulating the pancreas.

Research on some ingredients:
Aloe Ferox: has a strong killing ability. Helps peristalsis. Bacteria. Intestinal parasites.

Astragalus: Liver Fluke

Clove: Strong anti-septic. Analgesic. Athlete’s foot. Parasites. Flatworm. Rope worm. Malaria. TB. Cholera. Scabies. Viruses.
Candida. Staphylococcus. Streptococcus. Shigella infection: (shigellosis) is an intestinal disease caused by a family of bacteria known as shigella. The main sign of shigella infection is diarrhea, which often is bloody. Shigella can be passed through direct contact with the bacteria in the stool.

Fennel seeds: Flatworm. Blood fluke

Garlic: Bilharzia. Roundworm. Pinworm. Tapeworm. Threadworm. Hookworm. Candida. Kills over 60x fungus and 20x bacteria & viruses. Amoebas.

Graviola Bark: Purges parasites. Ringworm. Arthritis. Malignant cells in 12 types of cancer.

Pumpkin Seed: paralyzes tapeworm (does not kill it). Schistosomiasis. Tapeworm. Pumpkin seed contains a natural fat that is toxic to the eggs.
One study affecting 115 patients with adult tapeworms in their intestinal tract found extraordinary results with limited side effects from treatment using pumpkin seeds. Following treatment, all patients either expelled the tapeworms entirely, in pieces, or had no further evidence of tapeworm infection. Although results occurred within a couple of hours for some individuals, the successful removal of the parasite was observed to occur within 15 hours following treatment
The following list provides only some of the sources of nutrients that support the intestinal tract in removing toxic build-up and cleansing the bowels of contaminants which can cause a lowered immunity, diseases, and cancer.
• Vitamin A
• Variety of B vitamins including thiamin, folate, niacin, and vitamin B-6
• Vitamin K
• Potassium
• Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc
• Arginine, glutamic acid, and 16 other amino acids

Senna: Laxative. Expels worms

Wormwood: Laxative. Anti-bacterial. Weak digestion. Whipworm. Hookworm. Malaria. Intestinal worms. Antihistamine. Roundworms. Pinworm.
Wormwood may help treat intestinal parasites by killing off a type of helminth known as Heterobranchus logfiles, according to a preliminary study published in Parasitology Research in 2010. The herb contains compounds called sesquiterpene lactones, which are thought to weaken parasite membranes.

Thyme: Flatworm. Blood fluke. Hookworm. Roundworm. Ringworm. Fungus

Walnut Hulls (black): Ringworm. Tapeworm. Pinworm. Candida. Malaria. Rope worm. Laxative. Intestinal parasites. Fungus

Wormwood: Roundworm. Pinworm. Threadworm. Bilharzia. Viruses


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