Nerve Restore Oil 30ml Blend

Nerve Restore Oil 30ml Blend

Nerve Restore Oil 30ml Blend

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The Nerve Restore Blend aids in the healing process of the nerves and supports nerve rejuvenation.

If used for paralysis, stroke, loss of feeling in the limbs, neck and spine injuries, use in conjunction with Cell Rejuvenation (for topical use only). Apply 10 drops, of the Cell Rejuvenation, over the spine, every second day. Reason; this blend is very strong and contains cinnamon, which is a hot oil and it may cause a reaction if used every single day.

The Nerve Restore Blend is formulated with oils known to assist with

  • spinal nerve damage
  • nerve problems like neuropathy
  • repairing damaged nerves
  • stimulating circulation
  • reducing inflammation, swelling, and cramps
  • relieving nerve pain and numbness
  • healing and repairing damaged connective tissue
  • stimulation of nerves
  • regeneration of new cells



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