Lymph Tincture

Lymph Tincture

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Herbs used in this product contain properties that are known to act as a lymph tonic and cleanser and create an action to assist in moving the lymph. Some are adaptogenic herbs with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.


Recent studies show that the ingredients in this product are successfully used to normalize and strengthen the lymphatic system while acting as a blood builder and blood nourisher. As they may reduce acidity and correct Ph balance, there is a history of success in eliminating candida if combined with a change in lifestyle and diet. As a diuretic, the herbs help with the excretion of fluids and toxins.

Research also finds that some of the herbs assist with irritation and act as a natural antihistamine, while at the same time preventing and reducing a post-nasal drip. Others have properties to increase white blood cell production and relieve water retention and menstrual cramps.


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