Pancreas Tincture

Pancreas Tincture

Pancreas Tincture

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The ingredients in this formula are known to stabilize blood sugar, especially in Type 2 diabetes, and help with sweet and comforting foods gravings. Research shows that some ingredients have properties to act as a diuretic, thus helping with passing urine.
Bilberry is known to be very effective in treating connective tissue, preventing damage to blood vessels that could result in nerve pain and even damage to the retina. According to research Bilberry has been successfully used to treat Retinopathy.
Elecampane is known to act as a cleanser for the pancreas, liver, and appendix.
Other ingredients contain properties that are known to assist in pancreas secretion, increasing insulin production and insulin sensitivity, and may dissolve hard mucus in the pancreas area.

It is important in diabetes to increase blood flow to the limbs & organs. In treating diabetes, the practitioner should ensure that the circulation system is treated, in order to strengthen veins and improve blood flow.

Should any ulcers or sores appear, use Cancer Cream, Circulation & Swelling cream, and clean the wounds with Bloodstream cleanse tincture.

Combination of products to be used for Diabetes:
Insulin Resistance Capsule
Pancreas Tincture/Capsule
Circulation & Heart Capsule
Kidney & Bladder Capsule/Tincture
Bilberry capsule
Circulation & Swelling Cream
Skin Healing or Skin Cancer cream for any wounds/sores, and clean wounds with Bloodstream Cleanse Tincture.


Label Info:

Herbal supplements rejuvenate and nourish the pancreas, stop sugar cravings & lower blood sugar levels.
This supplement assists the body to naturally help with insulin production, and pancreas secretion while stimulating the pancreas.

Research on some ingredients:
Alfalfa: Stabilizes blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes

Bearberry (Uva Ursi): Sweet and comforting food cravings. Diuretic. Passing urine

Bilberry: for connective tissue, preventing damage to blood vessels that can result in nerve pain & damage to the retina. Diuretic. Passing urine. Retinopathy.

Elecampane: provides bio-insulin. Cleans pancreas, liver & appendix

Fenugreek: increases insulin production, Pancreas secretion, lowers blood sugar, increases insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol, and contains an amino acid that boosts the release of insulin. Dissolves hard mucus in the pancreas area.

Ginkgo Biloba: treats side-effects of diabetes, and increases blood flow to limbs/organs.

Ginseng: is immune-boosting, disease-fighting, and slows carbohydrate absorption. Increases cells’ ability to use glucose. Increases insulin secretion from the pancreas

Gotu-Kola: for fat deposits


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