Kidney, Bladder & Adrenals 120 Capsules

Kidney, Bladder & Adrenals 120 Capsules

Kidney, Bladder & Adrenals 120 Capsules

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Herbs used in the formation contain properties that help nourish and revitalize the urinary system, thereby building a natural resistance to bladder infection and increasing bladder control. Other ingredients are widely used to assist with bedwetting.

Kidney and bladder infection

Increases urine flow

kidney Stones and bleeding

Inflammation, bed wetting

Prevents and dissolves kidney stones, ease pain, eases passing stone

Bladder control

Adrenal system – strengthens


Recent studies show that some of the herbs in this product have properties that are widely used to increase urine and prevent kidney stones while easing the passing of kidney stones and gravel while same time as stimulating the adrenal glands and eliminating e-coli.

BEARBERRY: eases passing of kidney stones & gravel & stimulates adrenal glands

CELERY SEED: increases urine & prevents kidney stones

HYDRANGEA ROOT: for bladder infection & suppression of TH17 cells to prevent an autoimmune reaction.

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Lowers phosphate levels. Dissolves stones & makes it hard to form stones.

POMEGRANATE: Prevents kidney stones & eases the passing of stones. Detoxing & Stimulating. Kidney & Bladder function & infection


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