Arthritis 120 Capsules

Arthritis 120 Capsules

Arthritis 120 Capsules

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The herbs used in this product are known to help the body’s own ability to inhibit some of the processes, reduce inflammation, and control pain in order to improve mobility, discomfort, and calcification.

Research suggests that some of the ingredients have been shown to promote the biosynthesis of collagen and prevent its destruction.
Due to the strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds of the herbs, research suggests they may improve mobility in people with osteoarthritis while reducing chronic lower back pain, stiffness, pain, and joint swelling. Use in conjunction with Pain & Arthritis cream for best results and immediate relief.

Further research shows that some ingredients may rebuild cartilage, and assist with Fibromyalgia.
Hydrangea root and other ingredients are grown to block Th17 cells causing an autoimmune reaction and massive inflammation.

The success of any herbal supplement depends greatly on a change in lifestyle and an eating plan free of gluten, dairy, and sugar, complemented by stress reduction, sufficient sleep, moderate exercise, and a balanced diet.

It is very important to eliminate sugar from the diet, as it promotes the growth of candida and other bacteria, causing leaky gut, inflammation, and often an auto-immune response. Hydrangea root is included in the formulation, as it is known to assist the body to prevent a massive inflammatory response, often causing the immune reaction leading to severe arthritis, lupus, ms, thyroid problems, and many other diseases associated with such immune response.


Billberry: Flavonoids, specifically anthocyanosides, are the most pharmacologically active constituents in bilberry fruit. Extracts containing anthocyanosides have been shown to promote the biosynthesis of collagen and prevent its destruction. The destruction of collagen is a side-effect of the inflammatory processes that occur in rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease, and other inflammatory conditions involving bones, joints, cartilage, and other connective tissue. Bilberry contains not only anthocyanidins, but proanthocyanidins and other flavonoids, all of which effectively prevent collagen destruction.

Boswellia: Anti-inflammatory. Arthritis inflammation & pain. Blocks leukotrienes that attack healthy joints (The leukotrienes are potent inflammatory mediators which may have a role in inflammatory diseases such as allergic rhinitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and asthma)

Comfrey: Bone & tissue builder

Hydrangea root: US researchers found that a drug made from the root of the hydrangea plant, which has for centuries been used in Chinese medicine, showed promising results in treating autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, eczema, and psoriasis. Blocks Th17 cells causing an autoimmune reaction and massive inflammation.

White Willow Bark: Arthritis. Inflammation. Osteoarthritis. Joint pain. The bark of the white willow contains salicin, which is a chemical similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). In combination with the herb’s powerful anti-inflammatory plant compounds (called flavonoids), salicin is thought to be responsible for the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of the herb.




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