Insulin Resistance 2 120 Capsules

Insulin Resistance 2 120 Capsules

Insulin Resistance 2 120 Capsules

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Some of the herbs in this formulation contain properties that are known to assist with improving insulin resistance by acting as a tonic to the adrenal glands and pancreas.

* For best results use:
– Hernia & Connective Tissue
– Insulin Resistance 2
– Blood Cleanser

Supplement for:

Insulin Resistance

Metabolic Syndrome, Diabeter

Normelizes Blood Suger Levels

Normelizes Insulin Sensitivity

Sweet Cravings

Pancreas Detox

Hypoglycaemis Support

ALA turn glucose into energy


Recent studies show that some of the herbs listed are widely used to treat insulin resistance, and diabetes, and to normalize blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. The natural function of other herbs is used to detox the pancreas, eliminate sweet cravings, and especially treat metabolic syndrome.

Other ingredients are known to regenerate glutathione, turn glucose into energy, and may help to protect the brain nerve tissue. Research shows success in some herbal properties that have shown success in reducing the rate of glucose absorption from the digestive tract into the blood. It is also found to improve bile production, support the liver function and regeneration; vital for metabolism and removal of toxins.

They found that the ingredients assist with relieving pancreatitis and pancreas disorders, while recycling coenzyme Q10, relieves numbness and tingling, increase blood flow to the nerves, and reduce cataracts. Also, success with inhibiting fat production without mental hyperactivity and neutralizing insulin sensitivity.



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