Bloodstream Cleanse Tincture

Bloodstream Cleanse Tincture

Bloodstream Cleanse Tincture

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The Bloodstream Cleanse tincture is used with great success by many practitioners to clean wounds, especially in the case of diabetic sores. After spraying the tincture, they apply our Skin Healing or Skin Cancer cream which closes the wounds very quickly.

Both the tincture and capsule are taken internally as well, and should always be supported by cleansing and supporting the liver and gallbladder, and strengthening the digestive system.

Please note that it is always very important to make additional lifestyle and diet changes.
Candida plays a huge role in all kinds of problems and can be eliminated by following a proper eating plan.

A diet free of gluten, dairy, and sugar will give the best results.


Research suggests that some of the ingredients in this formula may assist the body to build its own defenses in order to cleanse the blood, detoxify and heal the blood and gallbladder, as well as stimulate the immune and lymph systems.

The properties of the herbs are known to support the liver and tone the entire system while removing toxins and helping clean toxins out of the blood.


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