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Seminar Attendee Testimony


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Dear Friends

To those who could not attend the previous seminar at ‘Ons Plaashuis Teater’.

Please take note of this seminar on 20 July that will be presented in English in the East of Pretoria. I can personally recommend it.

It will be an investment in your body soul and spirit. Vossie and I and 3 of our kids attended the previous one. Our lives were transformed through it.

After the seminar we started with a Parasite Detox Program. We did not know that parasites craves sugar! Within the first week the sugar cravings were gone. I am on day 41 now. I feel so much healthier. I also lost a lot of weight. The Lord used Lechi to open up a whole new world to me. Praise the Lord!

Please book with Lily. 0828501970



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