Stop Smoking Tincture

Stop Smoking Tincture

Stop Smoking Tincture

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*Herbal supplement to naturally assist the body to stop the smoking habit, and ease the process, as well as assist the body with the stress of withdrawal.

Research on some ingredients:

*Alfalfa – rich in nutrition. Natural tonic with many trace minerals & enzymes

*Calamus Root – Removes residual toxins from lungs – chew root for cravings

*Cayenne – Helps desensitize the respiratory system to tobacco and other chemical irritants in cigarettes & thus helps reduce cravings. Rich in antioxidants, so stabilizes the linings of the lungs. Prevents strong cravings to smoke due to Cayenne’s intense taste. Helps the body to excrete nicotine & poisons built up from years of smoking. Stimulates production of gastric juices, aids metabolism & relieves gas

*L-Glutamine is amazing for alcohol, sugar & carbohydrate cravings. Repairs gut lining

*GABA – a person severely deficient in GABA turns to alcohol- or drug addiction. Alcohol, cannabis, valium & heroin boost GABA in the brain/body.

GABA is the brain’s natural vitamin.

*Ginger has a warming & healing effect on the body to promote perspiration to detox. Nausea is a symptom of nicotine/cigarette withdrawal. Reduces tobacco addiction

*Ginkgo Biloba – enhances oxygen utilization. Prevents the release of dopamine, the nicotine-induced release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, one of the main components found in nicotine. Helps the body deal with the physical & emotional stress of withdrawal

*Ginseng –increases stamina. Dopamine is the main chemical involved in making a smoker feel satisfied & euphoric. Helps clean toxins accumulated in the lungs

*Green tea – floods the system with elements that diminish the urge to smoke. Contains L-Theanine – increases GABA levels in the brain and production of alpha brainwaves. Boosts focus & clarity.

*Hyssop – clears mucus congested in the lungs associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. Fights common cold & soothes irritated mucus membranes. Anxiety & hysteria are associated with withdrawal. Clears toxins from intestines, bladder, kidneys & lungs. Diaphoretic herb – triggers sweating. Eliminates toxins from the body through skin & mucous.

*Lobelia – makes cigarettes taste unpleasant! Gradually reducing the number of cigarettes, you smoke daily. Lobelia parks itself at these receptor sites & thus blocks nicotine from activating them – reducing the effect of nicotine & “reward” associated with smoking. Lobelia acts in a way similar to nicotine-

receptors in the brain are stimulated by lobelia. Has nicotine-like activity & helps stimulate the release of dopamine (brain chemical producing feelings of pleasure & calms the body – amphetamine addiction. Expels mucus. Nicotine withdrawal

*L-Tyrosine – a building block for dopamine

*Licorice – Chew on Licorice stick when the urge to smoke. Stops craving.

*Milk thistle – once you quit smoking, toxins are released from storage tissue such as fat & need to be eliminated from the body. The liver processes toxins. Milk thistle stimulates the liver’s ability to regenerate new cells.

*Oat Straw – Discourages smoking. Cures opium addiction – reduces the desire for nicotine. Detoxing during withdrawal.

*Peppermint – Nicotine cravings (contains menthol). Settles upset stomachs caused by nicotine cravings. Bloating & gas. Sore throat, colds, toothache

*Skullcap – The body craves the feeling of endorphins when stop smoking. Helps the brain produce more endorphins. Calms anxiety. Renews the central nervous system.

*Selenium – smoking robs the body of selenium

*Valerian Root – Sedative. Muscle relaxant. Withdrawal, irritability, anxiety, stress & insomnia

*Vit A – repairs damaged mucus membranes

*Vit C – body’s ability to resist illness. Each cigarette uses up to 25mg Vit C.

Repairs tissue, bones, and damaged blood vessels.

*Zinc – blocks taste enzymes



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