Spleen Tincture

Spleen Tincture

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*Herbal supplement to nourish and stimulate the spleen and remove toxins.

Research on some ingredients:

*Astragalus: Spleen function. Congestion. Swelling in the lymph.

*Barberry: Spleen tonic. Destroys toxins. Lowers blood pressure. Lymph decongestant. Reduces fat. Destroys toxins.

*Burdock Root: De-clogs liver and spleen

*Dandelion: Purifies blood. Stimulates liver. Supports spleen. Enlargement of spleen & liver.

Stimulates portal circulation:

From the spleen, the blood drains into the splenic vein which meets with the superior mesenteric vein to form the main portal vein. The blood from the small intestine and from the right and transverse colon drains into the superior mesenteric vein. The blood from the pancreas drains into the splenic vein. The blood from the left colon and rectum drains into the inferior mesenteric vein which enters the middle third of the splenic vein. Backflow in this vein produces hemorrhoids.

*Dandelion Root: Iron. Detoxes. De-clogs liver and spleen

*Echinacea: Congestion. Lymph. Stimulates immune system

*Fenugreek: Lymph. Thins bile. Membranes

*Milk thistle: Liver cleanser

Has chemicals that bind to and coat liver cells. Contains the most potent liver substances. Antioxidant. Cleanses liver. Hardening of the liver. Rejuvenates. Protects liver. Production of new liver cells. Relaxes bile ducts. Breaks down fats & bad cholesterol. Gall blockages. Dissolves gallstones & reduces the size of gallstones. Cells rejuvenator. Flushes out toxins from the body. Combats the effects of carcinogens.

*Uva Ursi: Soothes irritated tissue. Bacteria. Fungus. Uric Acid

*Yellow Dock: Blood thinner. De-clogs liver and spleen


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