Frankincense Resin 75g

Frankincense Resin 75g

Frankincense Resin 75g

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Raw hardened frankincense (Serrata) resin pieces are sometimes also referred to as desert tears.

Frankincense resin is also known as gum olibanum.

Taste: It has hints of spice and flowers.

Some of the key benefits of Frankincense:

  • powerful addition to cancer-fighting protocols
  • contains anti-tumor properties
  • aids in chemotherapy side effects
  • helps reduce stress
  • boosts the immune system to help prevent illness
  • speeds up recovery from most disease and ailments
  • relieve disease and flu symptoms
  • astringent and can kill harmful germs and bacteria
  • heightens spiritual awareness
  • promotes relaxation (acts as a sleep aid)
  • encourages health
  • eases digestion
  • helps relieve inflammation and pain (joints and muscles)
  • reduces arthritis



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