Candida 120 Capsules

Candida 120 Capsules

Candida 120 Capsules

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The herbs used in this formulation contain properties to gently eliminate candida and fungus from the system and may assist the body to remove acid from the body while relieving high levels of uric acid. It may correct the Ph. balance and contain herbs that affect a more alkaline environment which makes it difficult for candida and bacteria to live and multiply.

In conjunction with a proper eating plan, the product creates an inhospitable environment for candida, and in addition, helps with intestinal spasms during candida die-off. It acts as an astringent for mucus.

Please note that it is always very important to make additional lifestyle and diet changes.
Candida plays a huge role in all kinds of problems and can be eliminated by following a proper eating plan.

A diet free of gluten, dairy, and sugar will give the best results.


Research suggests that some of the ingredients in this formula have anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties, to strengthen the body’s own defenses against candida, vaginitis, and yeast infection.


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