Restoring of the DNA of the Bride


Trauma Blend


I started diffusing the Trauma Blend at night after attending one of Lechi’s seminars.

Shortly after that, I heard a song for the first time. It is such a beautiful song, but for some reason, it had me uncomfortable. It is about returning home to Jerusalem and Abba’s heart.

A big part of the song was sung in Hebrew. I felt nauseous and anxious. It triggered something deep inside of me that I couldn’t place. It made no sense and I couldn’t understand why I reacted this way, because it is such a beautiful song!

The diffuser was already diffusing trauma blend in the background when I sat down to journal that evening. Suddenly it was as if everything broke down and spurted out. I remembered everything. Where it happened, what happened, how it happened, and why it triggered something
so ugly in me.

I finally understood why I had this massive blockage.  Something happened in my past and because of it, I developed a big resentment toward the Hebrew language. I was slightly
aware of it, but never realised it went that deep. The blockage was not the prophetic aspect of the language, the beautiful letters, or the meaning: It was hearing the language being sung or spoken.

Hectic, intense emotions erupted and I just surrendered. I told Abba that if this was His timing to heal the hurt in me, it doesn’t matter whether it suits me or not. It wasn’t about whether I liked it or not. His timing is best. He led me to play a very specific song in Hebrew. It was my favorite song at that time of my life. I never dared to listen to it before, but scraped all my courage together and listened to it for the first time in probably 3 years. It was uncomfortable. I sobbed with raw emotions pouring out — emotions deeper and more ugly. I
allowed Him to cleanse me and allowed myself to truly feel again after pushing it down for so long. I prayed the entire time asking Him to cleanse, forgive and heal me.

It was intense but so good.

This happened a few months ago. Right now I adore both of those songs and listen to them frequently. Abba has completely healed me.

If you are not willing to face your trauma and work through it, then this is not the blend for you. Just because I had such a manifestation, doesn’t mean that it will always come out this way.

He works differently with different people and that is the beauty of it. Just have an open and willing heart. He is a gentleman and He won’t work with you if you don’t allow Him. If He shows you the trauma don’t push it away for later. Be obedient. He is faithful and will meet you right where you are at. Blessings xx



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