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Thorn in hand


Thorn in hand


Dear Lechi.

This is a testimony of the incredible Thieves essential oils. My four-year-old fell onto Acacia thorn branches and one large thorn broke off in his hand. It was 2cm deep and angled across his palm, almost sticking out the other side. My husband managed to pull out the thorn and I immediately put a drop of Thieves on the injury. The blood started flowing very strongly. After wiping away the blood I applied another drop and again the blood ran strongly – we believe cleaning out any impurities. After the initial tears and a charcoal plaster put over the injury he could use his hand and had no further pain. There was very little swelling although a bruise on the opposite end where the thorn almost came out. Living in the Karoo and all having many thorn injuries I have never seen such swift recovery and virtually no further pain or inflammation after initial treatment with Hadassah Oils. All praise to ABBA for His healing oils. And thank you Lechi.



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