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Speech improvement _ Cell Restore Kids

Speech improvement _ Cell Restore Kids


Speech improvement _ Cell Restore Kids


Hi Lechi,

At first I didn’t want to share because I wasn’t sure if there was any correlation. I have been using the kids’ range Cell Restore (for immune support) on both my children since March 2022.

My son has been at speech therapy for the past year. At 3 years old he only used 2-word sentences. His speech has improved a lot with speech therapy and at 4 years old his speech was on par with that of a 2 1/2 – 3 year old.

Since using the Cell Restore on him every night, he has had an explosion in his speech development. It’s been four months and he has fully caught up. This was (unknowingly) also confirmed by his speech therapist recently. When I took him for therapy, she jokingly said “I don’t know why he is here; what therapy do you want me to give him?”

I praise Abba Father for His wondrous works by and through the oils. Thank you.



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