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Milk Mamma increased milk supply


I was having a dip in milk supply where I could even feel that my breasts were soft and “empty”. My son was going through both a growth spurt, and teething, so he woke up a lot to breastfeed and I could tell that he was struggling to receive enough milk.
I amped up my water intake and got a roller ball of
the “Milk Mamma” made by Hadassah Healing Oils from a friend and applied underneath my arms, in my armpit underneath my breasts, and on top of them, when my son wasn’t feeding. By the 3rd day, my breasts started to feel fuller again and my son fed without any problems.
Thank you Lechi, this product works!
Zuleika Coetzee



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Zuleika Coetzee

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Milk Mamma Increase milk supply 10ml Roll-on
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