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Hormone Balance improved mood, energy, and sleep


APPRECIATION POST: I want to do more of these on Fridays, giving back to those who have sowed into my life, or that of my family.

A few weeks ago, I was in a very bad place emotionally and cried out to the Lord for help. I thought it was just circumstances, and the pressures, of being a full-time stay-at-home mommy (or just being a mom at all, for that matter), wife, and housekeeper. I started a small business on the side, that contributed to my mental and emotional struggles. I prayed and worked through what I felt the Holy Spirit showed me, but couldn’t find a final breakthrough in my mood.

I was nearing depression and longed for joy, which I hadn’t truly experienced for many years. On 15 May, Lechi said that she felt Yahweh said, she should bless me with a bottle of the Hormone Balance Blend. I am in my third week of using it now, and I feel like a new person! By the end of week two, I felt emotionally lighter and experienced joy! Something that I’d been crying out for months! My prayers were finally answered. People around me could see a difference, and I could feel a definite change! Yes, we made a few changes to our routine but in reality, my physical circumstances didn’t change, so I knew this was working. I had no idea what a huge role our hormones played in how we function. My head is even quieter from all the thoughts and “voices” that push and pull our emotions. I can think clearly, and even on days when I had to be up, more due to breastfeeding, I would still wake up, with more energy, and a happier mood. My sleep has improved as well, I no longer struggle to fall asleep after each feed, and when I do sleep, it is deep. I only use it topically, as I am still breastfeeding, and even so, it has made a HUGE impact! I am so thankful to my Abba for knowing exactly what we need, and when to give it to us.

Thank you @lechi_van_rooyen for being obedient to Abba’s voice. This is why I am a proud distributor of @hadassah_healing_oils because I know firsthand that they work! #health #wellness #healing #restoration #wholeness #essentialoils



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