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Also refer to heartburn protocol
My husband has suffered from heartburn for many, many years … he avoids foods like pies, pastries, bread and especially banana bread which he absolutely loves but Jan Brand se broer (sooibrand) kom kuier ALTYD, even if he has just half a slice!!
We were introduced to Hadassah Healing Oils about a month ago and both my husband and I decided to try them after watching a seminar hosted by Lechi!
One of the blends I use is the Hormone Balance Blend in a capsule and I was amazed at the fast results with regard to my hot flushes .. I don’t have so many in a day and definitely not so intense – I sleep better and feel energetic in the morning!!
The Gut Cleanse in a capsule also worked almost immediately on my husband – he too sleeps a lot better and after a week of drinking the blend and a week of no heartburn we decided to test it!!
He not only had one slice of banana bread but TWO – and the result …
Since the day he started drinking this blend he has been heartburn free!
I would definitely recommend anyone to try the gut cleanse blend and those ladies going through menopause – the hormone balance blend will give you relief and sleep at night!!
I thank Lechi for obeying Gods will for her life and I thank God for His Healing Oils.
From Ghanzi, Botswana



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