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Free from daily insulin blood sugar stable


I have been using 1000mg of Insulin a day, since 2017 to
manage my blood sugar levels.

I attended a conference hosted by Hadassah Healing Oils in May 2021. Lechi explained how pharmaceuticals are damaging to our biology, and how God had created both our bodies and
plants, which in turn contain healing oils to be used as
healing agents in place of man-made drugs.

Deciding to go cold turkey, I replaced the Insulin with the
Blood Sugar Support Diabetes Blend. Ever since, my blood sugar has been consistently stable, measuring a good reading and I feel much more alive. Knowing that my body is not being harmed by side effects of pharmaceuticals, is also reassuring, I have done the right thing.

Bronwyn Jansen van Vuuren – Boksburg

5 July 2021



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Bronwyn Jansen van Vuuren – Boksburg

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Blood Sugar Support Diabetes Oil Blend 30ml
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