Restoring of the DNA of the Bride

Flu, bronchitis and tummy bug

Flu, bronchitis and tummy bug


Flu, bronchitis and tummy bug


Liefie Lechi….
Wow, I got some of my oils yesterday….
After 2 weeks of feeling so sick with flu, bronchitis and tummy bug, I used the Chest Blend, Eye Restore and Tinnitus and Hearing, and PRAISE GOD, SLEPT LIKE A BABY for 8 hours… not one cough or wheeze.
I woke up and went to pilates and then coffee with my church group… everyone said I look like a million bucks….
Ek kannie dankie genoeg sê nie… 1 day and I feel different! What a miracle…
I look forward to trying the DNA Protector and the Hormone Balance  as well. Will also be getting the diffuser and Trauma Blend for my girls.



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