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How Hadassah Healing Oils Transformed My Fatigue-ridden Days

My journey with Hadassah Healing Oils began out of a place of frustration. I had grown tired, constantly battling various medical complications in my young life of only 24 years.

One of the challenges I faced was fibromyalgia. While I had made significant improvements through dietary and
lifestyle changes, fatigue continued to hinder me. Despite getting a full eight hours of sleep and starting my day with enthusiasm, by noon, I would be overcome by exhaustion—brain fog, concentration issues, and demotivation would take over.

After a long and arduous healing journey, I was eager to embrace life fully. However, the persistent fatigue kept holding me back. That’s when I was introduced to Hadassah Healing Oils. Having tried numerous other remedies, I figured, why not give them a chance?

I started incorporating the Depression & Anxiety and Trauma blends into my evening routine, diffusing them in my room. Alternating with these blends, I also used Frankincense and Myrrh oils each night— one for spiritual benefits and the other for healing.

During working hours, I’ve incorporated the Focus Blend,
which not only has an incredible scent but had an instant effect on concentration.

Occasionally, I would diffuse the Brain and Memory blends in my office too.

However, my most profound testimony lies in my experience with the Focus Blend. It has proven to be the most effective pick-me-up I have ever used, promoting both safety and wellness. Applying a few drops in my hands and deeply inhaling, and applying the remaining oil on my spine, I am astounded by its power. Clears brain fog within moments and definitively eradicates demotivation.

As for the blends I use in the evenings, at first, they resulted in vivid and abundant dreaming. However, they have transformed my room into a sanctuary—a place of solace where my rest is more meaningful, more grateful, and unquestionably more restorative.

Though I don’t use these oils every day, their presence in my healing journey has multiplied their quality tenfold. They have become an integral part of my overall well-being and have made a remarkable difference in my life. I am grateful for Hadassah Healing Oils and their contribution to my ongoing
journey of healing and rejuvenation.



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Brain Diffuser Blend 10ml
R500.00 Incl. VAT
Depression and Anxiety Diffuser Blend 10ml
R400.00 Incl. VAT
Focus Oil 30ml Blend
R400.00 Incl. VAT
Frankincense 10ml Pure Oil
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Frankincense 5ml Pure Oil
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Memory 10ml Diffuser Blend
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Myrrh 10ml Pure Oil
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Myrrh 5ml Pure oil
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Trauma Diffuser 10ml Blend
R500.00 Incl. VAT
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