Restoring of the DNA of the Bride


Endometriosis, possible hysterectomy, abnormal cells 


In April 2021 I was directed to a gynecologist as an emergency due to severe pain, heavy flow, and extreme, intermittent,  bloating in my abdomen. The outcome after the consultation: Colposcopy and Hysteroscopy and depending on results, a possible hysterectomy.  Abnormal cells in Pap smear and endometriosis symptoms. I went for a second medical opinion, did several blood tests (confirmed I’m not in early menopause yet). Requested a protocol (procedure on how to use oils) from Lechi. She suggested the following: Frankincense/Myrrh blend, Tumour Blend, Gut Cleanse (optional), and Cancer Blend. I’ve noticed monthly that my cycle started to change for the better and I could sense healing taking place in my body. Pain also started to decrease. My body started to heal itself and I believe this is how we were created to function.
I’ve fasted, trusted, prayed, forgave, and also joined a Suiwer Challenge by Trunette van der Westhuizen in November 2021. I never went for any of the procedures suggested, followed the protocol given by Lechi, once, for 2 months only. In addition, I also used the Endometriosis Blend later in the year when it became available. Received results in December 2021 that I was completely healed.
All Glory to Abba Father for complete healing !
I am also grateful that I’ve heard and seen a lot of amazing testimonies from many others who also used Hadassah Healing Oils.



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