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COPD lung function improved


Hi Lechi, thank you for everything.

I was diagnosed with COPD, and hospitalized twice. In January, I was discharged with an oxygen machine, for inhalation, 8 hours daily. Hospitalized in February, for further tests and a CT scan. During my stay there, I prayed for two ladies in the ward. Both received breakthroughs, but I was still struggling. They were discharged before me, and my emotions were up and down. But The Still Small Voice kept me confessing Life over myself. Cortisone was eventually prescribed and eventually discharged.

During a divine appointment in April ’23, I met Lechi.

She suggested that I start by applying and inhale the Chest Blend. Thieves in a diffuser while sleeping, and steam with Covid Steam.

Last week I went for a lung function test and my Physician said he could not hear any of the activity he heard in my lungs previously. After the lung function, he said my lungs are normal!! He could not believe the result in black and white! I give God All the Glory Honour and Praise for my Healing and for being obedient to attend the enriching life-changing Hadassah seminar. After using the Pure Healing Oils it gave new life to my lungs. God Bless you beyond your wildest expectations. Gill



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