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Thrush is usually caused by a yeast fungus called candida albicans. It is not a sexually transmitted infection.

Candida albicans usually lives harmlessly on the skin and in the mouth, gut and vagina.

Occasionally there can be too much yeast and it can cause symptoms. This is commonly known as thrush, thrush infection or candida.


Some people won’t have any signs or symptoms of thrush at all.

Thrush symptoms in women

If you do get symptoms you might notice:

  • unusual, white, thick vaginal discharge (often like cottage cheese)
  • itching and irritation or fissure (like paper cuts) around the vagina
  • pain when urinating or having sex

Thrush symptoms in men

If you do get symptoms you might notice:

  • irritation, burning and redness around the head of the penis and under the foreskin
  • a white discharge under the foreskin or on the head of the penis
  • an unpleasant smell
  • difficulty pulling back the foreskin





Drink 1 capsule, Candida Blend, twice a day, only for the first week; thereafter only 1 capsule, once a day for between 2-3 months.  

This blend inhibits the growth and the activity of C.albicans (Candida). It is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral blend that supports your body in fighting off candida. 

Diet has a huge effect on candida. 

Supplement with 25ml Fire Tonic, twice a day. 

Drink 1 capsule Gut Cleanse, once a day.

Insert Frankincense/Myrrh Blend, vaginally (same as a tampon), and squeeze half a pipette full (0.5ml) into the vaginal lumen, once a day. Lie flat on your back when performing this process to ensure the oil gets absorbed properly. It is best to do this just before bed at night. Lying down will reduce leakage of the blend from your vagina that could occur while standing or walking around. Absorption by the vaginal vessels, flow into the body’s circulatory system, which distributes to the body’s organs and bodily systems. Do not use it during the menstrual cycle.

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