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Teeth Whitening



Many people may require teeth whitening for several reasons.

They could have discolored teeth because of

  • maintaining improper oral hygiene
  • due to some medications
  • certain foods, and beverages that stain the teeth and
  • many other conditions




Use natural toothpaste, or make a toothpaste with 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and add a drop of lemon, and thieves oil and then brush the teeth.

Oil Pulling Method

Swish 1 Tablespoon, daily, for about 5 minutes (gradually work up to 10 or 20 minutes). Don’t do it vigorously since you’ll be doing it for far longer than you are used to and your jaw will get tired. Gently swirl the oil around your mouth and suck it through the spaces between your teeth. Make sure not to swallow any of it. When finished, spit the oil in the dustbin. Don’t spit it in the sink because when the oil thickens after cooling, it may clog up your pipes.

Use for: Cleansing and detoxifying the mouth;  assisting with the following: tooth decay; restoring tooth nerves, inflammation, heavy metal detoxing; brain fog and cleansing the blood.


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