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Keratosis pilaris


Keratosis pilaris (ker-uh-TOE-sis pih-LAIR-is) is a common, harmless skin condition that causes dry, rough patches and tiny bumps, often on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks. The bumps usually don’t hurt or itch. Keratosis pilaris is often considered a variant of normal skin.


Painless tiny bumps, typically on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks.

Dry, rough skin in the areas with bumps.

Worsening when seasonal changes cause low humidity and dry skin.

Sandpaper-like bumps resembling goose flesh.



Keratosis pilaris

Drink 1 capsule Gut Cleanse, once a day.

Topically apply the following over the affected area/s as needed:

Frankincense/Myrrh Blend

Irritable Skin Support (Eczema) Blend


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