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Bowel Polyps


Bowel polyps are small growths on the inner lining of the colon (large bowel) or rectum.

Polyps are usually less than 1cm in size, although they can grow up to several centimeters.

There are various forms:

-some are a tiny raised area or bulge, known as a sessile polyp
-some look like a grape on a stalk, known as a pedunculated polyp
-some take the form of many tiny bumps clustered together

Bowel polyps are not usually cancerous, although if they’re discovered they’ll need to be removed, as some will eventually turn into cancer if left untreated.

Some people just develop one polyp, while others may have a few. They tend to occur in people over the age of 60.



Most people with polyps won’t be aware of them as they produce no symptoms and are often discovered by accident.

However, some larger polyps can cause:

-a small amount of rectal bleeding (blood in your stool)
-mucus to be produced when you open your bowels
-diarrhoea or constipation
-abdominal pain



Drink 1 capsule, once a day of each; Gut Cleanse BlendDNA Protector and Frankincense/Myrrh Blend.

Use collagen and bone broth daily.

To assist with bleeding: Once a day, insert Frankincense/Myrrh Blend anally (same as a suppository), squirt half a pipette full (0.4ml) into the rectum, contract your anal muscles for 60 seconds, to allow the oil to absorb (remain to lie down for a few minutes for proper absorption). Absorption by the rectum’s blood vessels flows into the body’s circulatory system, which distributes to the body’s organs and bodily systems.  Wash the pipette properly after each use before closing the bottle.

Always spread capsules over the course of the day, if you have to ingest many, not more than two capsules at a time. Spreading the capsules throughout the day assists the body with proper absorption. Always good to have a very small snack/fruit before drinking capsules.

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