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Boil Pitsweer Staphylococcus Infection


A boil is a painful, pus-filled bump that forms under your skin when bacteria infect and inflame one or more of your hair follicles. A carbuncle is a cluster of boils that form a connected area of infection under the skin. Boils (furuncles) usually start as reddish or purplish, tender bumps.

Most boils are caused by staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), which many healthy people carry on their skin or in their noses without a problem. When a scrape, cut, or splinter breaks the skin, the bacteria can enter a hair follicle and start an infection.


A boil starts as a hard, red, painful lump usually about half an inch in size. Over the next few days, the lump becomes softer, larger, and more painful. Soon a pocket of pus forms on the top of the boil.

These are the signs of a severe infection:

  • the skin around the boil becomes infected. It turns red, painful, warm, and swollen
  • more boils may appear around the original one
  • a fever may develop
  • lymph nodes may become swollen



Drink 1 capsule of the Natural Antibiotic, twice a day, for the first week.

Drink 1 teaspoon, MZN 150g 450g, once a day; swallow the MZN, as you would swallow yogurt.

Steam with Covid Steam 5ml 10ml, 2-5 drops, over hot water and a towel, between 5 – 10 minutes daily.

Supplement further one or more of the following:

Bloodstream Capsules, 2 capsules, three times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

Bloodstream Tincture, 5 squirts, 3 times a day.

Olive Leaf, 3 capsules, three times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

Precautions & Side Effects:

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