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Black Mould Poisoning


There is a commonly held belief that black mould — sometimes called toxic mould — can cause severe health problems because it releases mycotoxins.


The most common black mould symptoms and health effects are associated with a respiratory response.

Chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat, rashes, chronic fatigue, and persistent headaches.



Black Mould Poisoning

Diffuse (see below) 4-5 drops each: Thieves, Cedarwood 5ml 10ml, and Covid Steam 5ml 10ml during the night and day (when you are home).

Drink 1 capsule, DNA Protector, once a day.

Topically apply 20-30 drops, Spinal Therapy, over the spine in the evening. Also, see Spinal Therapy KIDS.

For respiratory support, topically apply, the Chest Blend 50ml  100ml, over the chest area.

For fatigue support, drink 1 capsule, Chronic Fatigue, once a day after a meal or small snack.

Drink 1 teaspoon, MZN 150g 450g, once a day; swallow the MZN, as you would swallow yogurt.

In addition the following:

Inflammation, 2 capsules, twice a day.
Bloodstream Cleanse, 2 capsules, three times a day.
Sinus and Lungs, 3 capsules, three times a day.

Diffuse 2-3 drops of each oil; maximum 10-12 drops in total, at a time, unless otherwise advised.

NOTE: Always use an ultrasonic diffuser (with a diffusing duration of at least 8 hours), to diffuse pure essential oils. Do not use a humidifier, air purifier, or a candle, as they only smell good and have no further effect. An electric, ultrasonic, diffuser dispenses essential oils into the air through vibrations of a plate which causes ultrasonic waves, creating microscopic particles of oils that disperse into the air. It, therefore, breaks open the essential oil volatile molecules, to have a medicinal effect in that it can penetrate through the blood-brain barrier. Using a diffuser at night while you are sleeping is always good.


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