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Anorexia Nervosa


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder and a serious, potentially life-threatening, mental health condition.


There are 3 main symptoms of anorexia:
-fear of ‘being fat’ or gaining weight
-problems with self-esteem and body image when it comes to food and weight
-restricting food intake and keeping your body weight low, to the point it’s unhealthy

Restricting food intake means your body isn’t getting enough energy or nutrition, which leads to other physical symptoms.



Pure oils that will boost your appetite are Peppermint 5ml 10ml, Ginger 5ml 10ml, Oregano 5ml 10ml, Tangerine 5ml 10ml, and Bergamot 5ml 10ml.

You drink a capsule, add 2 drops of each of the above pure oils and fill with an organic carrier oils), or via inhalation.

Inhale Method 

Drip 2-3 drops of essential oil in the palm of the hands, rub once to open the molecules, rubbing will evaporate the oil, cup your hands around your mouth and nose, and deeply inhale.

Topically apply these oils (mixed with an organic carrier oil) over the stomach.

Rather apply oils topically and via inhalation (as described above) until the body has restored and body fat percentage has increased before ingesting them.

Anorexia is almost always associated with mental health issues. A suggestion will be to treat with a diffuser, using the Trauma Blend (for diffuser), Depression / Anxiety Blend (for diffuser), as well as the following pure oils: Frankincense 5ml  10ml, Neroli 5ml 10ml, Geranium Rose 5ml 10ml, during the night while sleeping and during the day where working/studying if/when possible.

Diffuse 2-3 drops of each oil; maximum 10-12 drops in total, at a time.
NOTE: Always use an ultrasonic diffuser (with a diffusing duration of at least 8 hours), to diffuse pure essential oils. Do not use a humidifier, air purifier, or a candle, as they only smell good and have no further effect. An electric, ultrasonic, diffuser dispenses essential oils into the air through vibrations of a plate which causes ultrasonic waves, creating microscopic particles of oils that disperse into the air. It, therefore, breaks open the essential oil volatile molecules, to have a medicinal effect in that it can penetrate through the blood-brain barrier. It is always good to use a diffuser at night while you are sleeping.


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