Varicose and Haemorrhoids Creams 250ml

Varicose and Haemorrhoids Creams 250ml

Varicose and Haemorrhoids Creams 250ml

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Natural Herbal cream protects the skin against varicose veins and haemorrhoids and builds up the body’s natural ability against inflammation.

Research on some ingredients:
*Aloe: Haemorrhoids – soothes. Reduces swelling & inflammation. Immune. Wounds. Bleeding. Coagulation. Acidity
*Bearberry: Haemorrhoids. Promotes construction of vein walls
*Butcher’s broom: Heals haemorrhoids. Swollen ankles. Boosts blood vessel health. Strengthens blood vessel walls. Varicose veins
*Billberry: Varicose veins. Contains anthocyanosides to heal bruises & haemorrhoids. Pain & swelling. Strengthens capillary walls. Flavonoid. Internally: venous insufficiency, glaucoma, strengthened blood-brain barrier, eye problems
*Calendula: Sores. Wounds. Ulcers. Flavonoid. Varicose veins. Ringworm. Bleeding. Pain & swelling of varicose veins. Tones veins. Strengthens blood capillary walls.
*Devils claw: Ulcers. Wounds. Pain. Anti-inflammatory
*Echinacea: Pain. Disinfectant. Boils. Septicaemia. Cracked lips. Fingernails
*Feverfew: Varicosities. Vasodilation of peripheral vessels. Lowers blood pressure. Skin. Acne
*Ginkgo Billoba: Haemorrhoids. Varicose. Flavonoid. Circulation. Leakage of small veins
*Grape seed oil: Specific type of antioxidant. Promotes elasticity. Reduces fluid leakage. Varicose Veins
*Horse Chestnut: Vascular damage. Protects against vascular damage. Vein strengthener. Reduces capillary-wall permeability. Compound Aescin helps seal tiny openings in capillary walls. Reduces outflow of fluid to surrounding tissue. Haemorrhoids. Varicose veins. Anti-inflammatory. Astringent. Swollen tissue. Circulation
*Lemon Grass: Haemorrhoids. Varicose. Athlete’s foot. Ringworm. Scabies. Open pores.
*Lemon Balm: Spider veins
*Stinging Nettle: Haemorrhoids. Anti-septic. Astringent. Bleeding. Varicose
*Walnut leaves & shells: Festering eczema. Swelling of bone. Sweaty hands & feet. Eases throbbing. Pain, itching & swelling of haemorrhoids. Bleeding. Shrinks enlarged tissues.
*Yarrow: Circulation of blood. Dispersing of blood stagnation. Heals haemorrhoids. Strengthens capillary veins. Stops bleeding



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