Swelling and Circulation Creams 100ml

Swelling and Circulation Creams 100ml

Swelling and Circulation Creams 100ml

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Natural Herbal cream for swelling and circulation, assisting the body to improve vein circulation, inflammation, varicose veins, swollen ankles, and feet.

Research on some ingredients:

*Bilberry: Heals bruises. Pain & swelling. Edema. Circulation. Varicose veins. Uric acid

*Butcher’s broom: Improves vein circulation. Contains Ruscogenin, which is anti-inflammatory on swollen tissue. Swollen ankles, itching, burning sensation, swelling

*Chamomile: Analgesic. Ulcers. Anti-inflammatory. Tissue regenerator. Anti-parasitic. Anti-infection. Allergies

*Dandelion: Water retention. Natural diuretic. Swollen feet caused by fluid. Corns. Warts. Tonic to system

*Devil’s claw: Muscular pain. Pains & aches. Uric acid

*Celery seeds: Diuretic. Acidity. Fungal infections. Tumors. Gout. Uric acid

*Geranium: Swelling. Varicose veins. Detoxification by increasing urination. Wounds, by triggering blood clotting. Sagging wrinkles. Swelling & pain in feet from standing

*Grape seed oil: Vein health. Promotes elasticity. Reducing fluid leakage that contributes to leg swelling

*Gotu-kola: Stabilizes the tissue that supports veins

*Horse chestnut: Swollen tissue. Warming herb for blood flow around strains & sprains. Reduce outflow of fluid into surrounding tissue. Leg edema. Makes blood vessels more flexible

*Horsetail: Diuretic. Increases excretion of extra fluids. Wounds, Bleeding. Acidity

*Hydrangea root: Water. Breaks down stones & kidney stones. Ability to dissolve calcium deposits through its soapy action. Calcification in bones and teeth is wanted, but calcification of soft tissue is unwanted and interferes with normal cell function

*Juniper: Gout. Arthritis. Anti-septic. Neuralgia. Gout. Edema. Stimulates activity of kidney to eliminate excess fluid (internally). Diuretic.

*Lavender: Fluid retention. Varicose ulcers. Lactic acid (has camphor in its leaves). Swelling

*Walnut: Sweaty hands & feet. Swelling of bone. Festering eczema

*Witch hazel: Swollen feet. Swelling. Anti-inflammatory. Bruises. Pain. Inflamed swelling

*Yarrow: Stops bleeding. Breaks up congealed/stagnant blood. Increase circulation. Circulatory stagnation. Helps the body rid itself of excess fluid. Anti-inflammatory. Wounds. Stop bleeding


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