Low Blood 120 Capsules

Low Blood 120 Capsules

Low Blood 120 Capsules

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Herbs used in this product contain property in that are used to lower blood pressure, and increase energy and mental alertness.

Usually, when people consume foods that cause a drop in blood sugar, they may also suddenly experience slow blood pressure.

It is important to consume a diet free of gluten, sugar, and dairy and eat three meals per day.
Breakfast may consist of protein, like eggs or meat. Lunch and dinner should ideally consist of 25% protein (meat or fish), 25% potato or sweet potato) and 50% vegetables. Please contact our office for such an eating plan.

It may be necessary to use an Insulin Resistance Capsule in addition to the Low Blood Capsule

* Most herbs lower blood pressure. Check blood pressure if not feeling well.
1-2 Low-Blood capsules increase blood pressure sufficiently to a comfortable feeling within 15 minutes


Recent studies show that the herbs used in this product have properties that can stimulate glands and alleviate other physical symptoms of low blood pressure. Research shows that the herbs are effective in lowering blood pressure, while at the same time stabilizing blood sugar,
and assist with chronic fatigue.


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