Babies Calming 100ml Syrup

Babies Calming 100ml Syrup

Babies Calming 100ml Syrup

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Calms & soothes irritable babies & helps to sleep and supports the body’s own process to be relaxed and calm, without restlessness and discomfort. These herbs support the body’s own process to stay at the peak of vitality and prevent the development of disease.


Astragalus: Hyperactivity. A tonic herb that boosts immune function and strengthens resistance to disease. Astragalus is used to prevent colds and flu and to restore immune strength once an illness is over.

Catnip: Calming. Colic. Irritability. Teething

Chamomile: One of the safest medicinal plants. Research shows that it is a gentle sedative and nerve tonic. Chamomile is known to relieve gas, stomach cramps, diarrhea, colic, or any other stomach problem, and is safe to use for children.

Lemon Balm: Calming

Vervain: Colic


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